Koh Lanta | Koh Rok

Random holiday frames… Koh Lanta is one of the Islands that I’ve been looking for to go since I got in Thailand. Koh Rok was the paradise island chosen to start the new year in a special way… with nature, love and  lot of diving…Not much to say here…Go to this both places and check!Continuar lendo “Koh Lanta | Koh Rok”


(Leia em português) With the announcement made by the government in the begging of this year, putting in risk the existence of this enormous presence of food stalls around the streets of Bangkok, the subject became a big topic of discussions from medias to bar tables. This photo series I present here, emerged with theContinuar lendo “STREET FOOD FUNERAL”

The 8 years late photography.

(Leia em português) Creative professionals are known for almost never finishing a project on time. Always something new and unexpected happens during the process… at least when you put yourself out there to make your best. Is a constant learning process. Recently I finished a photography that has been in my mind for over 8Continuar lendo “The 8 years late photography.”


This video was shot in a 3 days trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The architecture is definitely one of the high lights from this city, but during my walks looking for shots, I could never get the feeling of a organic and integrated space. So that define the montage concept… random frames apart. Enquadres KL.Continuar lendo “KL FRAMES”

Thaan Charity at 80/20

(Leia em português) It’s great to be part of great things… “Thaan Charity”, hold by the restaurant “80/20″and “Most gallery”, was definitely an event to represent this thought! Seen all this people working together and building friendships, following just the idea of making something special to help others, really makes you feel good. So muchContinuar lendo “Thaan Charity at 80/20”

Nahm: Kitchen & Team

(Leia em português) (About this series) As a photographer I always try to be as close as possible from the subjects I’m usually pointing the camera at. Before I start photographing food related stories, I worked as a cook with my great friend, João Carlos Scalzo, who showed me how interesting this world is. ThatContinuar lendo “Nahm: Kitchen & Team”

Koh Libong Low Tides

(Leia em português) Koh Libong is one of the few Island in Thailand where fishing remains as one of the main incomes for the community, among rubber trees cultive. Of course tourism is already part of their lives, but way less than other popular Islands. Also tourism just take place over the dry season, sinceContinuar lendo “Koh Libong Low Tides”

Cinematography | Reel 2017

Here I share images of some work done around Brazil and Thailand, from short films (fiction/documentary) to gastronomy events, passing through arts and skateboarding. A little bit of the diverse universe that is interesting and provocative to me. The camera, the vision, the story telling, are the mechanisms allowing me to circulate through this different worlds that coexist,Continuar lendo “Cinematography | Reel 2017”