Koh Lanta | Koh Rok

Random holiday frames… Koh Lanta is one of the Islands that I’ve been looking for to go since I got in Thailand. Koh Rok was the paradise island chosen to start the new year in a special way… with nature, love and  lot of diving…Not much to say here…Go to this both places and check!Continuar lendo “Koh Lanta | Koh Rok”

The 8 years late photography.

(Leia em português) Creative professionals are known for almost never finishing a project on time. Always something new and unexpected happens during the process… at least when you put yourself out there to make your best. Is a constant learning process. Recently I finished a photography that has been in my mind for over 8Continuar lendo “The 8 years late photography.”


This video was shot in a 3 days trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The architecture is definitely one of the high lights from this city, but during my walks looking for shots, I could never get the feeling of a organic and integrated space. So that define the montage concept… random frames apart. Enquadres KL.Continuar lendo “KL FRAMES”

Thaan Charity at 80/20

(Leia em português) It’s great to be part of great things… “Thaan Charity”, hold by the restaurant “80/20″and “Most gallery”, was definitely an event to represent this thought! Seen all this people working together and building friendships, following just the idea of making something special to help others, really makes you feel good. So muchContinuar lendo “Thaan Charity at 80/20”

A pop-up dinner in Trang

Leia em português Since January this year I’ve been collaborating with some chefs in Thailand that are showing some interesting moves around. From getting involved with traditional communities to trowing pop-up dinners in all kinds of places, from high structured kitchens to jungles, this guys, “The Fucking Chef” crew, are definitely not afraid of beenContinuar lendo “A pop-up dinner in Trang”

Hong Kong, after 2046

It was 2012 when I saw “2046”, my first big impression of Hong Kong, my first film from Wong Kar Wai. The colors, the rhythm, the city that constantly is framing it self… all of that atmosphere became a great deal of inspiration, but still a distante aesthetics from how I had to represent thingsContinuar lendo “Hong Kong, after 2046”

A Train to Hua Hin

Sometimes the pressure of Bangkok expel you away from the chaos, in order of getting your thoughts back into place. In a mission for new experience, I took the advice of the my friend Saay, and jumped into a 4 ours trip on a 44 Baht train, to Hua Hin. I didn’t know much about theContinuar lendo “A Train to Hua Hin”


THAAN CHARITY aconteceu na ultima terça-feira reunindo Chefs conceituados de diferentes regiões da Tailândia, no restaurante 80/20 em Bangkok, com a missão de realizar um jantar para arrecadar fundos em auxílio a população do sul da Tailândia que sofreu fortes impactos com as últimas chuvas e inundações. Acompanhei os preparativos para o evento, uma visita ao mercado com produtosContinuar lendo “THAAN CHARITY 80/20 BANGKOK”

Chefs e Pgakenyaws

Durante os dias 15,16 e 17 de Janeiro, tive a oportunidade de visitar duas comunidades Pgakenyaw, também conhecidos internacionalmente como povo “Karen”, localizadas ao norte da Tailândia nas províncias de Mae Hong Son e Chiang Mai. Fui a convite do Chef Napol Jantraget (Joe), do restaurante 80/20 em Bangkok, que também participou pela primeira vezContinuar lendo “Chefs e Pgakenyaws”