Thaan Charity at 80/20

(Leia em português) It’s great to be part of great things… “Thaan Charity”, hold by the restaurant “80/20″and “Most gallery”, was definitely an event to represent this thought! Seen all this people working together and building friendships, following just the idea of making something special to help others, really makes you feel good. So muchContinuar lendo “Thaan Charity at 80/20”

A pop-up dinner in Trang

Leia em português Since January this year I’ve been collaborating with some chefs in Thailand that are showing some interesting moves around. From getting involved with traditional communities to trowing pop-up dinners in all kinds of places, from high structured kitchens to jungles, this guys, “The Fucking Chef” crew, are definitely not afraid of beenContinuar lendo “A pop-up dinner in Trang”


THAAN CHARITY aconteceu na ultima terça-feira reunindo Chefs conceituados de diferentes regiões da Tailândia, no restaurante 80/20 em Bangkok, com a missão de realizar um jantar para arrecadar fundos em auxílio a população do sul da Tailândia que sofreu fortes impactos com as últimas chuvas e inundações. Acompanhei os preparativos para o evento, uma visita ao mercado com produtosContinuar lendo “THAAN CHARITY 80/20 BANGKOK”